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Последние новости из блога Pornhub

Halloween 2017 : Verified Model Contest

3 дней назад

по: Mia

Fall is around the corner and we have decided to bring back one of our most requested video contests.

Grab your costumes and get in character because it's time for Pornhub Model's Halloween 2017!

Upload your best Halloween themed videos (straight or gay) for a chance to win store credit for XRBrands!

Videos must have the tag Halloween2017 in order to be eligible.


- Upload your most creative Halloween themed videos for a chance to win store credit at XRBrands

- Videos can include all types of actions, as long as Halloween is the main theme

- Videos must have the tag Halloween2017 in order to be eligible

- Previously uploaded videos are not eligible for the contest

- Inaccurately titled, tagged and/or categorized videos are not eligible for the contest

- You can enter the contest multiple times


1st Place : $500 Store credit - http://www.xrbrands.com

2nd Place : $250 Store credit - http://www.xrbrands.com

3rd Place : $150 Store credit - http://www.xrbrands.com


Contest open to all Verified Models (straight or gay).

Not a Verified Model yet? Join our Model Payment Program & make $$ from your video uploads!

Selection and tracking for the contest will be based on the use of the Halloween2017 tag.

Inaccurately titled/tagged/categorized content will not be eligible to win.

Contest closes on the 31st of October 2017 at midnight EST.

Winners are chosen by a panel of Pornhub judges and are based on creativity and quality of content.

Click the button below to see our playlist. Be sure to click "like" and comment on your favorite videos! New videos will be added every day, so check back often!

Watch the Halloween 2017 Videos!

Good luck everyone!!

~ Mia

Model Spotlight - LindseyLove

1 неделю назад

по: TaylorLynn

With the ongoing success of Pornhub's Model Payment Program, Pornhub's Model Spotlight is a great way to get to know some of our biggest stars!

This month, we interviewed LindseyLove! Lindsey's videos have helped her reach over 162K subscribers, an insane 117 million video views to date and she is ranked in the top 100 pornstars on Pornhub! Let's learn more about Lindsey!

How did you get into the industry?

I had always been interested in the adult film industry, and when I found a way in I took it and ran! Shortly after my 18th birthday I started camming on Chaturbate with an old webcam. It was so great that we quit our day jobs & focused solely on camming.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry?

Before you really commit to it do as much research as possible and a make a plan. If you want to cam you're going to need to upgrade your internet speed, buy a nice webcam, and set up a cam space. If you're going down the video route you'll need a video camera that can record in 720p HD minimum, 1080p HD preferred. You'll also need a light set, and some sort of video editing software. We use the Canon Vixia HF G20 for filming & Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.

How did you meet your boyfriend and how long have you been shooting together?

We meet in my first year of high school, and we got married last year! We've been together for 5 and a half years!
We've been shooting together since day 1 of my adult film career. We started out as a couple on Chaturbate. So that's 2 and a half years now of making adult content!

Have you ever thought of going the professional route, if so who’s the first pornstar or studio that you would choose to shoot with?

I would love to shoot with X-Art!! I've seen them shoot actual couples before and they've been my favorite company for many years! It would literally be a dream come true if I could work with them with my spouse one day.

Who's your pornstar idol?

It would definitely have to be all of the amateurs that make this their career. So much goes into running your own business and they're all so talented!

What's the most embarrassing/funny moment that has happened to you during a shoot?

One time at the end of an extremely hot throat fucking video I had a GIANT booger come out my nose and land on mouth! It was awful, you could even hear it fly out. I died when I watched the clip. We destroyed the footage so no one could ever see it!

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

Haha, probably Kit Harington or Emilia Clarke. I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan and they're both so hot!

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Model Payment Program?

My ever resourceful husband, of course! He knows way too much about everything so of course he knew that professional sites hosted amateurs. I think he found out by looking up My Cherry Crush, who was also camming at the time we were.

What is your favorite…

Video on your account?

"LindseyLove’s Valentine’s Day Adventure" I absolutely love being able to fuck outside and feel completely natural. That was my favorite video to film as well. The wind felt amazing on my skin and being able to hear the stream nearby was fantastic.

Category on Pornhub?

Definitely Creampie! My husband says that cumming inside is so much more sensational than pulling out or doing a facial. I love watching a man in pleasure, so I always gravitate towards creampie vids.

Sex position?

The Spoon/The Sleeper Hold - It's so intimate being held closely. He can penetrate deeply while my legs are held tightly together. I almost always cum from this position and often times we'll orgasm at the same time!

Type of video to film?

Outdoors! Gah, what I'd give to own my own piece of land out in buttfuck nowhere so I could film whenever I wanted. It is always the best experience being able to enjoy a long session outside with no worries.

Thing about Pornhub ?

Being able to become a real Pornstar!! It's been my dream for way longer than I should admit, but actually becoming pro has been the best experience of my life. And we keep getting so many views. I'm so flattered that so many people love our content. Pornhub has been an amazing platform to work on.

Thank you Lindsey! xo

Model Program - Monthly Prizes August 2017

1 неделю назад

по: Mia

It's our favorite time of the month. Time to announce the August winners!

The August Amateur Model of the Month is MadeInCanarias! Congratulations!

This shy girl from the Canary Islands has reached over 21 K subscribers and over 11 million video views!

Check out some of her hot videos that helped her win:

The August Professional Model of the Month is ashleyalban94! Congratulations!

This hottie is insassiable, she has reached over 29 K subscribers and over 57 million views on her videos to date!

Ashley Alban has climbed the ranks of Pornhub Pornstars to 92nd place!

Check out some of her hot scenes that helped her win:

Both of our Model of the Month winners will receive a free one year membership to Pornhub Premium. Pornhub Premium gives users additional access to full, uncut HD scenes all within an ad free environment.

Our Amateur Newcomer of the Month for August 2017 is Sashagrey99mx!

The cutie from Mexico has reached over 5 million video views in a short amount of time! Check out one of her top video below:

Our Professional Newcomer of the Month for August 2017 is freckledRED!

This sexy redhead has reached over 2 million video views since joining the Model Payment Program ! Check out her top video below:

Here are our Top 10 Videos of the Month for August 2017

1st Place - $500 - goes to - Horny boy fucked his stepmom - MandyFlores

2nd Place - $400 - goes to - College teen gets fucked in ass and pussy with multiple wet squirts orgasm! - Danika_Mori

3rd Place - $300 - goes to - Fun Sex & Bloopers! (He came early!!) by LindseyLove - LindseyLove

4th Place - $200 - goes to - Mom rides her step son and begs for creampie - ashleyalban94

5th Place - $150 - goes to - Step sister wank,suck and gets in ass in front of the window - Danika_Mori

6th Place - $50 - goes to - Fucked in my tight 18 years old ass, and cums on me. Teen Anal - SashaGrey99mx

7th Place - $50 - goes to - Step Mom Made Me Impregnate Aunt Mallory! Lady Fyre & Mallory Sierra - LadyFyre

8th Place - $50 - goes to - Hardcore Orgy 5 Girls Gang up on 1 Guy! Katrina, Karmen, Maddy, AJ, Kissa - johnnyandkissa

9th Place - $50 - goes to - Step-mom force fucked and get cum in mouth by step-son while she is stuck - LinooAmors

10 th Place - $50 - goes to - Hot creamy pussy beg to cum while she squirt - Danika_Mori

Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep up the great work guys!

Want to be eligible to win next month? Join our Model Payment Program to start uploading your videos and get paid!

Bad Dragon Contest winners - Model program

2 недель назад

по: Mia

Thank you for all your great cosplay entries! It was really hard to choose :)

Time to announce the #Baddragon2017 contest winners, but first here's a quick reminder of the prizes!


1st Place : 3 Bad Dragon Toys + Bad Dragon Loot Bag (Value ~$400)

2nd Place : 3 Bad Dragon Toys + Bad Dragon Loot Bag (Value ~$350)

3rd Place : 2 Bad Dragon Toys + Bad Dragon Loot Bag (Value ~$250)

*** Fist place winner will have first choice of pre selected toys.

Third Place goes to Arwen_Datnoid in her cute fifth element cosplay video!

Second Place goes to veronicachaos for her naughty space porn video!

And the 1st Place for the Baddragon2017 contest goes to the sultry LeahObscure!

Check our her awesome Frankenstein's bride's video that helped her win first place and be sure to subscribe to LeahObscure to see more of her hot videos.

Congratulations to all of our winners and keep up the great work everyone!

Join the Model Payment Program to be eligible for futur contents!

Want to all see the creative #Baddragon2017 Video contest entries?

Click the button below to see our playlist!

Watch the Baddragon2017 Videos!


Trading Blows

1 месяц назад

по: ARIA

We here at Pornhub are pretty used to naked men going from blow to blow so we thought it would be optimal to have a friendly little inter Pornhub community wager. We are giving away free memberships to Pornhub Premium if Pornhub fans correctly pick the winner of the upcoming Mayweather/McGregor fight.

Since the odds are 4:1 in favor of Mayweather (If you bet $4, you win $1), if you pick Mayweather to win – you win 1 free week of Pornhub Premium. If you pick McGregor to win ($1 bet to win $4) you win 4 fee weeks of Pornhub Premium.

Easy enough right? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!For more info check it out here!

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