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Последние новости из блога Pornhub

Interactive category


по: ARIA

What a time to be alive!! Pornhub has officially launched our interactive experience using teledildonics! We have launched an 'interactive category' filled with videos that synchronize to work with wireless sex toys! We will also be making it compatible with our VR category as well! So when Johnny Sins gets a blow job, so do you!!! To learn more about which devices are compatible with the new interactive category and to find out how to sync them to video, check out page and get yourself set up!! Happy humping!

FNGRBNG contest

1 неделю назад

по: ARIA

Wedding season is upon us and two of the hottest girls in the game are getting hitched! Abigail Mac and Vanessa Veracruz. The girls are so excited and want to share their excitement with the Pornhub squad by giving away two amazing prizes.

Grand Prize: A virtual date with the newlywed couple + their panties worn in the engagement scene.
Second Prize: An autographed pool float featured in the scene + signed photos of the newlyweds!

Here's how to enter!
Watch the engagement scene and favorite the video + Earn a second entry by subscribing to the FNGRBNG channel.

Good luck!


2 недель назад

по: pornhub

Ever been curious about what Mormons are up to when they’re not knocking on your door or going to church? Well MormonGirlz, the newest channel on Pornhub, will reveal the secret, dirty, ritualistic sex practices of the Mormon cult to all those who are curious. Amen!

In the debut video, President Oaks has to lead by example and teach his son how to please Sister Dolly. She’s extremely eager to get fucked. Check out the debut MormonGirlz video below, and watch as these innocent Mormon virgins obey the seed bearer and become nasty little sluts right before your eyes!

For more MormonGirlz, visit their channel here.

Model Spotlight - Prettykittymiaos

2 недель назад

по: Mia

With the ongoing success of Pornhub's Model Payment Program, Pornhub's Model Spotlight will be a great way to get to know some of our biggest stars!

This month, we interviewed Prettykittymiaos! This sexy vixen joined the Model Payment Program back in December 2014. Her videos have helped her reach over 136K subscribers and over 55 million video views to date.

Here's more about her naughty journey !

How did you get into the industry?

I started originally by making dance videos on YouTube and had so many people writing me, curious to see me do different fetishy type things and I was open to the ideas so next thing I know, here I am on pornhub ;)

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry?

Have fun. Literally. Be silly, be real, be you. Not everyone is going to like you, but as long as you are loving yourself, everything is absolutely fantastic.

Have you ever thought of going the professional route, if so who’s the first pornstar or studio that you would choose to shoot with?

I have had thoughts of going pro for sure, but it's scary to me. I enjoy filming myself with no one else in the room, so going pro with all the things that come along with it, is ultra hardcore. If I ever did though, I would wanna shoot with Kissa Sins. She's so dope, hella my favorite pornstar. Side note if I could vid with two chicks at once, I would want Kissa and Katrina Jade. Dreamiest porn scene ever for me =^.^=

Who's your pornstar idol?

I love love love Kissa Sins. She is so real and sweet and you can tell she just enjoys life to the fullest and it's fucking awesome. Her videos are my go to always and she is never ending putting them out and it's always something different and I love it.

What's the most embarrassing/funny moment that has happened to you during a shoot?

Ha! I was filming a video that started off as a sloppy bj on my toy and then (in heels) I hopped up on the bathroom counter and started banging it and just as my legs began to shake in an orgasm, my heel hit my spit and shot my leg into my sink and the dildo bent against me and slingshots backwards across my bathroom, landing on the floor. It was awesome, I wish I had aerial video capabilities at that time so it could've been posted. I looked exactly like a baby deer lol

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?
Chris Pratt. So fucking much. He's such a fox like ahhhhh I bet he lays it down like a god.

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Model Payment Program?

I was made aware by a pornhub person, because I had written to get an imposter account removed and was told about the program and well, here I am, nearly 3 years later. :)

>What is your favorite…

Video on your account?

"Keep your eyes on me"

Category on Pornhub?

Amateur Amateur all day :)

Sex position?


Type of video to film?

Beautiful agony or ASMR. I love either talking a lot, or not at all. I suck at light chatter.

Thing about Pornhub ?

Pornhub helps me to help others. EVERYONE NEEDS A RELEASE EVERY NOW AND AGAIN. Pornhub helps us all to get just that.

Thank you so much Veronica xo

New Updated Model Earnings Page

2 недель назад

по: Mia

Hello Everyone,

We are now exporting Verified Model and Amateur videos to Redtube and Tube8 (in addition to YouPorn).

No need to worry about re-uploading! Your content uploaded to Pornhub will automatically be exported. Migration will take up to a month. If your videos are not transferred yet, do not worry, they will be eventually.

*** Please do not upload the videos to YouPorn, Redtube or Tube8 directly. We will be transferring them automatically for you. That is the ONLY way that they will accumulate earnings.***

As you might have noticed, your YouPorn earnings are no longer appearing on your earnings’ main page as it did before. No need to panic, the earnings are still added to your total!
You can select to view the earnings made on each site through the new added dropdown menu, shown below:

Once you select the site, you will get the summary of all earnings accumulated to date per month on that network site.  

You will still receive one payment per month (as long as the minimum of $100 is made) with the combined earnings.

Don’t want to have your content exported?

You can opt out in your Model Settings tab, but you would be losing out on the opportunity to make extra earnings.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at models@pornhub.com

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